Testimonies are the personal stories of the miraculous works of our Lord and savior had in their lives. Every child of  God has a testimony. If you would like us to post your personal testimony, please send it to us.  We love to hear the Lord in action

Praise the lord friends and to God be the glory, I would Not so long ago I was up in Cranston Rhode Island visiting one of my daughters. two songs that God had laid upon my heart to share with her and to sing with her. One of them was and it goes like this God hears our prayers, God Knows our needs and he will never give us more that we can bear, and the other song was we must praise him amen, and I sang those songs with her and prayed with her and from that day I couldn’t get those songs off my heart. I kept singing them all through the day for the next few days.  My daughter’s surgery went well, and upon preparing to come home, back to Connecticut these songs kept ringing in my heart. I went to bed that night I woke up during the middle of the night and these songs kept burning in my heart I couldn’t help but hum them or sing them. The next day it’s the same thing I tried singing a couple of other songs that I liked But I couldn’t get these two songs off of my heart. And I said well God laid them upon my heart and I will sing them until he places something else there. So upon driving back home a few days later these songs were still ringing in my heart.

 And on that day January 21, 2012 they said it was going to snow starting around 9 o’clock and then getting heavier around 2 o’clock, that very day so I’ve had other commitments back I Connecticut. So I pray and I left quite early that morning, and about 45 minutes into the journey back home, the snow begin to fall the roads were not very good there it was very slippery. So I started praying and these songs again were in my heart so I kept singing them and praising God and I had confidence in God that he was going to bring me home safely. However I came upon a little hill the car begin to go faster and I started just to pray, and to trust God. However it continued to go faster down the hill. And being a professional driver I did what I was taught to do on roads like this, did. But that was of to no avail, the car swerve into the un- coming  lane so I tried to turn the wheel slightly back into the lane I was travelling  in. However that cause the car to swerve and go faster than I had intended to and it kept going down the hill, faster until it just turn the other way , skidded hit the edge of some one’s drive way. All control was out of my hands, so I placed my full confidence in is in the hands of God. This car just took control out of my hand hit the side of some one’s drive way which was about 10 feet high the lawn was about 10 feet high. So it hit one side of the drive way flew 10 feet in the air heading for a tree. And all of this the moment it happen I started to pray and ask to help me I saw this all coming all I could do was to trust my God and to pray. And I said dear God help me. For a brief moment in the air heading for the trunk of a big tree, and I said dear don’t let me hit this tree, and within that prayer started to think about my children I said God remember my children I give them back to you since they were babies remember them now as they are grown up help them to come back to you I remember evangelist Birch who is my sister praise God and I thank him so much for her and her family. And started to pray for them and I started praying for everyone I could remember and those are just few by name. And my grand children and as I pray my prayers and my thoughts quickly went back to what was happening. But the car was still going for the tree when I realized the car is going to hit the tree my prayers change and I said dear God then help me. That car hit the tree and then started to roll over and stop up side Philipians 1-21 came to me and I kept repeating it for me to live is Christ and to die is gain and I ask God please don’t let me stay this way, a surge of fear entered into my heart I started to pray again, I looked around to see if anyone was coming but I saw no one.  As I pray and ask God to let this car roll back onto all four tires.  But car begin to move and kept praying and singing those songs to keep the fear away. The car begin to roll and roll and I continued praying didn’t know where I was rolling to.  Suddenly I felt the car drop back onto the road, then I prayed and ask God to help me get out of the car, the air bags came out with smoke and such awful smell. Thinking that the car was on fire I became afraid just then I repeated Philipians 1-21, for me to live is Christ, but to die is gain. when help arrived every one said some was looking out for me I heard that all through the emergency room stay.  They said with just a fractured wrist and some bruises you are lucky. So I stop the nurse and I said not someone but God and shared my testimony there.  Another person Whom I thought knew me and my belief said to me in a kind of joke, maybe God should have given me a helmet, I said he did more than that, God gave me the testimony.  First God gave me the helmet of salvation; and now this testimony.  I don’t know what goes through people’s mind, while they’re on their bed of afflictions, but I thank my God that he gave me a song and a prayer.  He is a very present help in time of trouble in time of need. And then I pray that my testimony today will encourage someone, to stay in communion with god and to place all confidence in him.  For I know that my redeemer lives and Gods mercies endures for ever,to God be the glory.

Evangelist Donna Allicock
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